This page will explain all all the mining aspect of the bot
  • !Mine - Manual mining has a cooldown of 10 seconds which is upgradeable by upgrading efficiency on your pickaxe within our !shop.
  • !AutoMine - Auto mine allows you to automatic mine for ores while your AFK you can unlock this by using your prestige point at !Prestigeshop and selecting Auto mine.
  • !AutoSell - Autosell allows you to automatic !sell your item when your afk ( Great for when your automining ), You can access auto sell by using your prestige point at !Prestigeshop.
  • !Inventory - Show what inside your inventory
  • !Profile - Show your stats
  • !Leaderboard - Lets you see the leaderboard.
  • !Rankup - Lets you rankup.
  • !Help - Lists all available commands